Resource management

Resource management

  • Introduction

Resource planning is done by M.R. & he prepares budgets for manpower, logistics, equipment, and financial expenditure required for different activities.

The resources identified in annual budget to achieve the projected revenue & profit targets and helps decision making process to fine tune in advance to meet the customer requirements.

  • Human resources

Personnel performing work affecting conformity to product requirement are deployed on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills, and experience. Training’s are provided in the organization depending upon the requirements. The organization encourages the involvement and development of its employees through:

    • Providing ongoing training & career planning.
    • Defining their responsibilities & authorities.
    • Development of Leadership Skills
    • Establishing individual & organization’s objectives.
    • Recognizing & rewarding.
    • Ensuring effective teamwork.
  • Infrastructure consultation with in charges of the Workshop/ Production determines, provide, and maintain:

  • Buildings, work space and associated utilities.
  • Supporting services (such as transport or communication).

The M.R. in consultation with in charges of the Workshop determines, provide, and maintain: •    Associated equipments like Tools & Machinery.

  • Work environment

The M.R. identifies the specific work environment needed to achieve conformity of the manufacturing processes. These work environments are established. The parameters related to work environments are monitored such as work done at normal temperature & relative humidity. Sky light & Electric lights are available for manufacturing. Drinking water & bathroom is also available in work shop.

Safety Maintenance department maintains safety devices of different machines, Hand Gloves, Shoes etc are used for the personal safety of workmen. Fire extinguishers and fire buckets are used to fight with fire.

  • Design & development

The manufacturing activities related to our products depend on conventional method developed either indigenously or internationally. So this clause is not applicable for us. However if the need arises in order to meet the specific demand of a customer / contract appropriate procedure shall be documented, authorized and implemented effectively.