Quality Management System

We, at Machino Tech are committed to Produce and Supply high quality Mechanical & Fabrication Products for achieving high customer satisfaction by deploying trained personnel along with adequate resources in all respect, striving at continual improvement.


Management at different levels provides resources required for deploying the QMS. It plans various verification methods like reviews, inspections and audits at organization level as well as at the site level. Whenever any element of QMS needs to be changed, it is ensured that basic characteristics like capability, verifiability and effectiveness of QMS are maintained. All major changes are planned and communicated to all concerned. These are tracked and monitored closely by management.


Quality objectives including those needed to meet requirements for product are established at relevant function and levels within the organization. These are measurable and consistent with quality policy. These objectives considered the current and future needs of the organization. The objectives are monitored and reviewed as and when required in Management Review Meeting.

      1. Increase turnover by 25% in a year
      2. Timely delivery of the product by 100%
      3. Reducing reprocess below 5% from customer side.
      4. Minimizing the customer complaint to zero.

The objectives are defined and quantified at relevant functional areas and systematically reviewed and revised as necessary.